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Issue #4
July 2008

In This Issue:

  1. We're Moving!
  2. 11,600 Organizations
  3. Over $10,000 Donated
  4. Newsletter Archives
  5. Help Others- Provide Feedback



This newsletter is dedicated to all you heroes out there that save the lives of animals in need.

We're Moving!

Cat in SuitcaseBut we're not going anywhere! is moving to!

Recently we began talking with our friends over at, which is North America's largest non-profit pet adoption website and toll free phone service. has over 5,000 animal shelters and humane societies actively posting pets for adoption; a half million people a month searching to adopt.

Together we realized that if had a simpler name they could be even more effective in their growth which involves publicity and other advertising efforts. has significantly more resources than we do at (we are just a part-time out of the basement operation). Together we decided that could continue to work effectively if we are reached at, and will transition to the name By working together in this way, both organizations feel we can better serve both the animal shelters and the homeless pets who need us so much.

Cat in Pocketbook

As we transition to the new domain over the next several weeks, you'll be able to access the site via either or As soon as the transition is complete though we'll only  be accessible at our new home - Please visit the new site and update your bookmarks.

All the same content will remain; the worldwide animal shelter/rescue directory, the chat forums, our email lists, and all the other resources we provide; only the domain name will be different. Those who have registered to update the online directory will not need to re-register either; simply visit the NEW url and update any old bookmarks.


11,600 Organizations

From humble beginnings back in about 1996 our directory of pet shelters, rescues, and animal welfare organizations has grown to a worldwide directory of over 11,000 organizations!

From simple static listings to a dynamic database driven system which incorporates user feedback and allows organizations to update their own entries, we are proud of the resource we've made available - and of the homeless animals whom we have helped find forever homes!

We certainly didn't do it alone though! The comprehensive database we now maintain is due in large part to the dedication of a group of volunteers who research, submit, and update information in our directory. See the story below for details.


Over $10,000 Donated

You may have read about our "Adopt a State" program on the website. We started back in November of 2005. Through this program we have worked with a select and very dedicated group of volunteers who locate new organizations for our directory and keep us updated on organizations that have changed contact information or have retired. In appreciation for their efforts, we make monthly donations in their names to the animal welfare organization of their choice.

Not only do we all benefit from having a better online resource (the worldwide animal rescue and shelter directory) but thanks to the tireless efforts of these volunteers, several specific organizations have received a monthly dividend to help make ends meet.

To date we've donated more than $10,000 to the animal welfare organizations these volunteers work on behalf of! How about a big PAWS UP for the volunteers who made this all happen?!

See the names of the volunteers and their benefiting organizations at 

Newsletter Archives

Current and previous versions of our newsletter are now available for viewing any time on our website. You can view them in the Adopt A Pet Publications area of our website.

Help Others - Provide Feedback

We've been talking about it for a while - but we still need your help. Every one of the 11,600 organizations in our directory has the capacity to have feedback information recorded for it. Good or bad - if you have any experience with any of the organizations in the directory - help out others who are looking to adopt an animal by leaving feedback for the organization. In many cases people will find an organization online and have no information to go by other than what is in our directory or on the organization's website.

Most organizations are wonderful, caring places. We know however that there are lots of disreputable ones out there; and we've had concerned users point out several in the directory that were really breeders (or worse) disguised as rescues.

We're often asked to remove these entries from the directory; but if we did that they're still out there online and people are still going to come across them; we'd much prefer that someone researching one of these organizations be able to find real-life feedback from people who are familiar with them. Also, if we simply delete the organization then some other well meaning volunteer might add it back later.

If you know of one of these organizations and see it in the directory, leave a feedback note saying so. That way when someone is looking to adopt a pet and comes across this organization, they have information from a reputable source (YOU) letting them know to avoid these groups - and hopefully via positive feedback for the good groups - pointing them to the groups that really are part of the SOLUTION - instead of the problem.

Browse the directory. You'll see a link next to every entry in the directory with their  "Average Rating" (the average number of "paws" given in feedback records) and a link to click on to "Submit Feedback". You have to register to leave feedback, but registering is automatic, nearly painless, and doesn't automatically sign you up for any email list or any other bothers. (Basically we only require the registration because without it our directory gets flooded by spammers).

Thanks to all of you for all your support! The millions of homeless pets in our country (and around the world) thank you as well I'm sure.

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