Heroes Newsletter
Issue #2
June 2007

In This Issue:

  1. Flea and Tick Season
  2. More Feedback
  3. Owner Surrenders
  4. Listings by City
  5. More Animal Types


This newsletter is dedicated to all you heroes out there that save the lives of animals in need.

Flea and Tick Season

Have you ever tried to compare prices on flea and tick products??? Norton's spending more time in the yard, and Tabitha has her summer haircut and is also enjoying hanging out around the house; which means its time for us to stock up on the flea and tick repellants. You'd think it'd be easy to just pick the lowest price, but the big online sites seem to want to make it as difficult as possible.

Some sell only certain products and not others, but almost all of them want to sell the most popular - Frontline and Advantage - in some fashion. To make it harder to price compare though, if you check around you'll see that some only sell 3 month supplies; others only 6 or 12 month, others 4 month supplies. Some carry Advantage Top but not Advantage Multi - or vice versa. PetSmart seems to have surrendered those markets and only sells Hartz brand.

Well, computer geek that I am, I created a spreadsheet with all the popular vendors and products. It started out as just a few lines, but grew into a 126 line by 11 column monster. I almost gave up and just went to 1800-PetMeds like we usually do, but I figured if I had this much trouble, someone else might benefit as well. I was on a quest.

I know they all probably bounce around, but I was surprised to find that the current cost-saver wasn't ANY of the big guys we usually buy from. And that cost saver doesn't offer free shipping, which usually causes me to skip right onto the next site. Still, numbers don't lie, and my spreadsheet totaled up the costs of all the most popular brands INCLUDING shipping costs. Oddly, the ONLY site that didn't offer free shipping was by FAR the cheapest overall cost in almost EVERY product they carried (and they seem to carry more than any of the others).

See the numbers for yourself:

More Feedback

Since we added the new ability for anyone to leave feedback about any organization in the directory, we've gotten some great responses. But we want more.

There are some really great organizations out there, and they deserve our support. There are also many questionable operations calling themselves "rescues" or "shelters". They all look similar in a listing, and poorly run organizations can have just as nice (or better) websites than a very busy but well run and caring organization.

Share your experiences. Locate an organization you're familiar with and click the "[Submit Feedback]" link next to it and leave a comment and/or just a 0-4 "paw" rating.

You'll need to register, but once you do you can submit as many feedback entries (one per organization) as you like anytime you like.

Click here to locate an organization you want to submit feedback for.

Owner Surrenders

We now have the ability to flag organizations that accept owner surrendered pets.

While our primary goal remains helping people find animals that need to be adopted, we recognize that helping people locate an organization that can find a new home for a pet they must give up is a sad but necessary service.

Since many rescues deal only with animals they rescue themselves (often from shelters or confiscations) we added a new tag for organizations in our directory so they can specifically designate whether they accept owner surrenders or not.

Since this is a brand new feature, most of the current listings in the directory don't have this information provided yet; as organizations update and our staff of volunteers continues to update the directory though we will make this a searchable feature of the directory.

Listings by City

There are a LOT of organizations in our directory. Around 10,000 organizations last time I checked. That's a lot of choices, and a lot of those organizations specialize.

That means we need to make it as easy as possible for someone looking for a local organization to adopt a pet.

In addition to the directory listings by state or country which you can sort by name, city, or zip code, and the Google maps where you can see organizations as icons on a map, we've just added a specific city name directory.


More Animal Types

For quite a while now you've been able to search the directory specifically for organizations that dealt specifically with dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, and horses. We recently also added categories for birds and reptiles.

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