Heroes Newsletter
Issue #1
April 2007

In This Issue:

  1. Introduction
  2. Tainted Pet Food
  3. New Registration Process
  4. Rate the Organizations in the Directory


This newsletter is dedicated to all you heroes out there that save the lives of animals in need.


We've been really busy working on the website and directory we maintain - as you'll see from some of the articles below - but wanted to take time out to say hello and let you know about some of the new features we've added.

This is the first time we've sent a newsletter out to this group; those of you that signed up on the website. We hope to put out regular newsletters going forward, but no more than one a month; we have no intention of wearing out our welcome! :-)

Tainted Pet Food

Just about every pet owner in the country is at least a little bit nervous lately about the condition of our pet's food. If you haven't already done so, you should check any pet food you already have against the recalled lists. It also doesn't hurt to become familiar with the lists, since there have been reports that some stores didn't bother to remove all the recalled products...

As an aside, it might be time for more of us to consider organic/all-natural pet foods like the cat food or dog food options from Only Natural...

New Registration Process

We've made many changes to the worldwide animal shelter and animal welfare organization directory lately.

A new registration process; the new process was designed with one primary goal in mind; to allow better control by the people that know their organizations. For instance, anyone that registers using one of the official email addresses listed for a given organization in our directory can now update that entry themselves.

The directory listings were cleaned up and reformatted a bit. We like the new layout better, and we think you will too.

Here's a shortcut to the registration process for new users.

Rate the Organizations in the Directory

Wouldn't you like to hear about others' experiences with an animal shelter or rescue before you go looking for your forever-pet there?

Anyone can now submit feedback on any organization in the directory! Just locate the organization in the directory, and click on the "[Submit Feedback]" on the far right.

Organizations with feedback will display the average rating (1-4 paws) to the right of the listing, along with a link where you can examine the feedback that's been submitted.

We've had many emails in the past with messages about organizations experiencing problems and that perhaps a potential adopter should be wary of; here's your chance to record a rating (1-4 paws) as well as any explanatory text about any organization in the directory!

Help those looking to adopt an animal by submitting feedback on the organizations you know - good or bad!

Click here to locate an organization you want to submit feedback for.



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