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Sharing Our Living Space with Wildlife



  • To keep squirrels out of attics and/or buildings, screen and block all exterior accesses. See checklist for details.
  • Before screening or blocking exit points, ensure that all animals, especially young have left. Do a visual check of the attic with a flashlight.
  • Trim trees away from the roof to deter access onto the building.
  • The gray squirrel can damage a vegetable garden. If practical, protect plants with chicken wire or other sturdy fabric.

Sharing our living space with Gray Squirrels
Sharing our living space with Flying Squirrels
BREEDING: 2 litters per year
April /May
3 - 5 per litter
1 litter per year
3 - 5 per litter
ACTIVE: Daytime; year-roundNighttime; year-round
DIET:Nuts, fruit Insects, bird eggs,
nuts, fruit
IDENTIFICATION: A broad web of skin
joining its front and
back legs enables
the flying squirrel
to glide from
branch to branch.

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