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Sharing Our Living Space with Wildlife


Bats provide a major contribution to insect control Sharing our living space with Bats

  • Plagued by centuries of negative and untrue stories, bats are actually one o creatures and should never be needlessly destroyed. They play a vital role in pollination of fruits.
  • Bats enter buildings via roof overhangs, eaves, vents, cracks around windows and spaces caused by ill fitting boards. Inspect the exterior of your buildings and repair or screen all entry points.
  • Be sure to make your repairs after the bats have flown out at dusk.
  • Make sure that no young non-flying bats are trapped. Bats are unable to fly for the first 3 weeks after birth. All young bats usually fly by mid-August.
BREEDING: 1 young per year in April - June
ACTIVE: Nighttime; hibernate in winter
DIET: Insects

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